What kind of clothes to wear to wear what tights with what shirt

Spring is a personal impetuous season, everyone wants to take advantage of such a good weather to go out and take a walk to see the recovery of the landscape of all things, enjoy the beauty of nature. A group of people are already on the road, and there are a group of people who can only feel the beauty of nature in other ways and continue to be busy in the office. This is the office workers, there is no right time to travel, but the same can enjoy different landscapes, dress up their mood every day, let the mood to travel it.


Fight flowers to pick up the new 2014 women

Perhaps most people will choose the dresses with, because wearing a skirt to highlight a woman's charming posture, but the pants can also perform with different interpretation of it. Look at this sapphire blue pants, cut on the narrow section of the production highlights the slender straight legs, a hollow flower chiffon shirt, cropped sleeves just fit for this season to wear.

上班穿什么衣服合适 紧身裤搭配什么上衣

Fight flowers to pick up the new 2014 women

Very tight nine-point leggings, because it is black, the visual can be achieved was thin effect, the length of nine pants reached the root of the calf, exposing the upper part of the ankle, the calf appears to be particularly slender. Black usually with white, this white three-dimensional lapel shirt, atmospheric colors printed on both sides of the clothes, this is the unique flavor of mature women.

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