Hairy elements: warmth is not a cloud

Lead: The warm feeling Mao Mao brings to everyone is very straightforward. Regardless of whether it appears on the cuff or collar, hem or skirt, we can always be instantly defeated by its soft touch.


Entering December, Europe ushered in the legendary extreme cold weather. Ice and snow covered the airport and the highway was blocked. It seemed that there was a bit of a “trick” in 2012. However, in Guangzhou, the next round of cooling warnings can really come true? Faced with this increasingly squeezing winter, we must more seriously spend it, Mao Mao coat Shenma is not a cloud, wear it on the body has become a legend .


I used to think that designers were very contradictory. It was clearly designed as a summer dress, and the sweaters had to be changed to short-sleeved high-necked styles. They looked good but they couldn't wear them out. They seemed to be more suitable for idol stars wearing indoor shots. More contradictory are the hot fur boots this season, often with ultra-short hot pants, many men feel that in addition to the tried and tested Japanese girls (they wear short skirts and uniforms throughout the year and Can not wear thick socks), who can do a good job? Do not belittle women, in fact, this is a species with very strong endurance, in order to look good, for the overall effect, in order to tide beyond the tide, revealing a thigh What kind of meat is it? Never see a woman at 10°C and dare to wear a halter evening dress. Of course, the premise is that this must be a delicious jade leg.


Pursuit of conflict, and ultimately, fur shorts and boots, people eye-catching. (CHANEL)

The warm feeling Mao Mao brings to everyone is very straightforward. Regardless of whether it appears on the cuffs or the neckline, hem or skirt, we can always be defeated by its soft touch, even as strong as it claims to be a “giant”. Fan Bingbing, when she tried on CHANEL's Fantasy Fur collection earlier, she couldn't help but look faint and watery. The strong outline seemed to be instantly melted by these tactile hairs. However, some of the more difficult clothing are a bit of a test. For example, the distribution of fur on the whole body, such as furry shoulders, wool trousers, etc., will exaggerate the outline of the figure. If the control is not good, there will be danger of getting out of control.


From the accessories perspective, many products this year attract attention with wool or fur fabrics. Such as TOD'S hot packs, they also introduced a special version with a plush decoration, there are also some hairy boots not to mention, even the casual shoes are also contaminated with the essence, the use of materials more concise, the essence is the same. The sun and the ultraviolet rays in the winter are very strong, so there is no substitute for sunglasses in the accessories. Always pay attention to sunscreen and whitening. Don't take it lightly.


The hairy elements are everywhere, from the neckline, sleeves to the hem. (CHANEL)

Warmth First - This winter's makeup emphasizes the texture, and the earthy colors that are popular on the T stage will inspire us. Too bright colors will not add warmth. Appropriate hairy clothing must have smoky eyes, but it should be small smoked, rather than a wide range of large smoke, to achieve a blur rather than psychedelic effect. As for the cheeks and makeup, the texture of the bare makeup can be maintained. The lip color can be selected from the matte series of purple or red, and there is no greasy feeling even more warmth.

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