"LIZZY•Yueyan" 2011 spring and summer new conference gorgeous bloom

The elegant design melody creates the aesthetic effect of the reverberation of the sound. The simple design outline brings out the rich connotation of the “new minimalism”. The mature and noble color combination makes the inside together with the vision become joyous and affectionate... On December 9th, "Yan" as the theme, the famous designer Ren Xin and her masterpiece of the high-end women's brand LIZZY2011 spring and summer new conference in Shenzhen, debut, the classic and fashion sense of the design work of the gorgeous debut, for this has been known for more than a decade Women's clothing brands make design annotations that are full of creative vitality.

The beauty of color makes this new spring and summer launch event of LIZZY exude a unique color of magical atmosphere and realistic feeling. The apricot, blue-purple, and black lines were released throughout the show and became the star color of the new product launch. Inheriting the intellectual style of LIZZY's past hits, the apricot color reveals a warm and soft color in the alcohol net, showing a natural texture close to the skin; the blue-violet line adds a touch of modernity to this season's spring and summer. Experience, strong sense of rhythm, refracts the moving light that looks like a deep sea crystal; black is always LIZZY's best color system, and with low-key and beautiful hand-made beading is an excellent endorsement of women's mysterious noble temperament... Different colors have different moods on different occasions to wear, and the LIZZY women's "beauty of the birth, the wisdom of the accession to the world" of the interior and exterior temperament set off the most incisive, or bright or dark fashion chromatography in the dynamic interpretation of the live model Just like the electro-optical flow, the exciting design rhythm of the group at the press conference made the viewer indulge in a delicate atmosphere.

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