Knitwear with a clever mix allows you to have a full range of arbitrary

Ben Wang reported on November 13th that practical sweaters are definitely one of the best items to use in autumn outfits. Whether they are on skirts or trousers, or simply wear a long sweater Allows you to immediately have a good feeling of freedom. Especially the loose style, better reflect this range of children incisively and vividly!

The perfect combination of fashion and retro, so many influx of women can not put it down

The perfect combination of fashion and retro, so many influx of women put it down, the classic bat sleeve design, cover up the excess flesh arm, showing a perfect figure! Loose version of the design, allowing you to enjoy every moment of free space, delicate and soft fabric Design, full of drape, skin-friendly feel free.

The style is simple, clean, wild, without too much modification of the design

The style is concise, clean and versatile, with no over-retouched design, which makes the lines smoother, fresher and more natural. The simple and generous round neck design makes the neck curve more visible. The cuffs are designed to circumvent and protect both the body and the wind.

Loose bat type twist color sweater, simple and elegant design style

Loose bat type twist color sweater, simple and generous design style. Colorblocking is one of the most popular elements nowadays. This sweater is fine, soft and comfortable. Upper body effect is full of sweet and lovely temperament range!

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