National Day to participate in wedding bridesmaid dress with what underwear so that their Mida

Bridesmaids are the most important supporting role in the wedding, so the shape of the modeling is still very important, after choosing the right dress is the choice of underwear , and what kind of underwear bridesmaid dress is better, of course, this still depends on Bridesmaid dress style.

  First, what kind of underwear with bridesmaid dress

(A) choose the color of the underwear

The color of the general dress fabrics are very thin, with a certain degree of transparency. Especially when wearing white or other light-colored dress photo, the best color underwear is flesh-colored. If you choose red or black underwear, it is easy through the wedding, leaving a clear mark.


(B) strapless underwear

I believe many bridesmaids will have a misunderstanding that as long as put on invisible sling, you can hide the traces of the shoulder strap. In fact, this is very unscientific. Because many Bridesmaid Dresses are bare-shouldered halter models, even invisible straps will leave behind, others can clearly see. If you take a photo, then the shoulder strap is more obvious. Therefore, if it is strapless dress must choose non-strapless underwear.

国庆参加婚礼 伴娘礼服配什么内衣让自己美美达

(C) chest stickers

If you can, bridesmaids can choose to use the chest stickers instead of underwear Oh. Because compared with the underwear, chest stickers more relaxed, to try something more. More important is the chest paste can be firmly attached to the chest, do not need the back strap and shoulder strap, so it will not affect the overall appearance of friends

国庆参加婚礼 伴娘礼服配什么内衣让自己美美达

(D) transparent tape

If the bridesmaids choose a spaghetti dress, then still rely on transparent tape to help you Oh. Because a lot of underwear shoulder straps are wider, but we do not want to wear underwear without a shoulder strap, it should choose a transparent shoulder strap. Such a dress to help obstruct the shoulder strap, it does not seem so obvious slightly.

国庆参加婚礼 伴娘礼服配什么内衣让自己美美达

Second, the bridesmaid dress and underwear with

Strapless corset - Tube top dress

Shoulder strap corsets generally match with the Tube Top dress. Tube top dress has always been a lot of favorite bridesmaid, but the strapless corset should pay attention to the height of the chest and back, do not exceed the gown. Remembering that you do not reveal yourself from the edge of your dress can be a very awkward affair.

国庆参加婚礼 伴娘礼服配什么内衣让自己美美达

Seamless Suspender Underwear - Slim dress

Seamless body shaping underwear is the best self-cultivation section of the dress, this type of body clothing to wear on the body can guarantee the upper body upright, with a strong self-cultivation effect, wearing a small tail, fishtail dress is the most suitable Wedding Dress . But to remind everyone that in the selection of time must pay attention to the smooth natural waist line.

国庆参加婚礼 伴娘礼服配什么内衣让自己美美达

Seamless Cup Corset - Lightweight face dress

The biggest advantage of seamless corsets is no obvious seams, which is thin and light for the bridesmaids is very appropriate. Corset with a cup generally have straps, this will help the chest type of fixed, it is best not to remove. So wear seamless cup corset, with a wedding dress with a front.

国庆参加婚礼 伴娘礼服配什么内衣让自己美美达

Full Body Corset - Sleeve Slim Dress

Body corset is a bust, waist girdle, beam pants three collections made. Can be very good will be the chest, waist and hip three-line repair, but also highlight the body lines, especially for the average line size of the bridesmaids. A lot of bridesmaids now like to wear slender wedding dress, coupled with a one-piece body shape adjustment underwear, is a perfect match.

国庆参加婚礼 伴娘礼服配什么内衣让自己美美达

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