Online shopping 2.0 era arrival clothes can also try to buy

In its annual event, Tmall showcased one of the possible online shopping trends in the future: Consumers don’t have to leave home or look at physical objects to complete trial-fitting.

Standing in front of the camera, you can feel free to “change” what you want to try by touching the various buttons on the screen with your hands. You can see which colors are used to color the skin, and you can also use boots, scarves, hats, handbags and other accessories. When you are uncertain about your ideas, you can also take photos and send them to Weibo to consult your friends' opinions and try your best to pay for the orders. In the future, we may be able to shop online this way.

Tmall, the shopping website, used its new AR interactive technology during its annual event to demonstrate one of the possible online shopping trends in the future: Consumers don’t have to leave the house or look at real objects to complete try-on and try-on.

AR interactive technology, the full name is Augmented reality, is an augmented reality technology combined with virtual video, and it is regarded as the next hotspot in the IT industry. At present, domestic AR technology is still rare, but foreign companies such as Sony and Nokia have demonstrated corresponding video and games for AR technology. For example, in Nokia’s demo video, users first operate the mobile phone and then wear it. Deputy glasses, there will be a virtual screen in front of you, can directly read the news, check the weather.

The AR technology is used in online shopping. The Zugara website has been used abroad. Zugara has cooperated with the British fashion brand Banana Flame. The demo was presented for the first time at the 2011 DEMO Venture Conference. It was amazing and it also made Banana Flame receive many orders.

Use a camera to take a virtual fitting room

The technology used by Zugara's website is similar to that of Tmall's demo, but it is more mature. Users can do it at home with a computer with a webcam and Internet access. In other words, as long as there is a camera, plus a little space, you can set up a virtual fitting room.

When the user looks at a piece of clothing, the computer screen will show you the appearance of wearing this clothing. In fact, this is the clothes that are covered in your image, as if you really wear it, very realistic. You can also face the camera, put a variety of movements or styling, and fully experience the effect of clothes put on. Moreover, you do not need to tap the keyboard for further operations. You can use your hands to touch each button on the computer screen to communicate more instructions, such as changing a piece of clothing, or changing color, or putting the current state. Store it so that it can be sent to friends and listen to everyone's comments.

Zugara's founder said: This feature cannot of course satisfy the needs of those critical shoppers. The effect is that, just like people usually go shopping, they see a piece of clothing and pick it up on their chest and look in the mirror. A comparison, or let the relatives and friends to see if it is appropriate. This function is certainly not a substitute for personal experience of putting on clothes and looking in front of a mirror, but for most people it is enough.

In addition to fitting clothes, Tmall has a variety of technical experience to try out other merchandise, such as whether a pair of sunglasses is suitable for a person. It has a very large relationship with a person's face. AR technology allows buyers to directly test glasses. Wear the effect on the face. This experience also applies to necklaces, watches, earrings, and other trials.

From the plane to the stereo expect 3D effect

Unfortunately, although the virtual fitting room allows you to roughly show your clothes and put on your body, it always returns the clothes to your images. Because everyone has different shoulder width, weight, and thinness, there is no way for the light to match. Make sure your clothes look like you are wearing your body. One possible ridiculous situation is that if the clothing to be tested is higher behind than the front collar, or if it is an irregular, front-to-back asymmetrical dress, simply “wearing on” the clothes in a flat manner will give People feel strange.

Zugara is said to be studying new technologies. One of the functions is that the user can input his own body height, weight, and measurements, etc., to generate a realistic simulacrum and match them with real people, so that he can create a whole. The fitting effect from head to toe is more valuable for users.

Another application of AR technology in online shopping is to create a game-like scene first. For example, an online shop selling outdoor products can combine game technology to create an outdoor scene. The user is still standing in front of the camera, but on the screen, he has been outdoors, and the virtual birds will fly in front of the camera. Around the bush, the little squirrel crawled from behind to his shoulders. Suddenly it started to rain, or he had to climb a mountain covered with thick snow...

At this time, people who are accustomed to playing games can purchase various props needed, such as jackets, sports shoes, climbing sticks, and ski clothes. These outdoor products merchants can embed the corresponding products in such game scenarios, and can also link the product functions directly to the immersive user experience, such as displaying the waterproofness of clothes.

More new online shopping technology waiting to be realized

In addition to shopping through virtual images, more new online shopping technologies are already being researched and used on a small scale. Such as video shopping, is to watch a movie if you like the heroine clothes, you can click, do not know the brand of clothing, you can search the Internet to the same clothes or similar styles of clothing, so that they have a movie female The protagonist of addiction. This technology has not yet been implemented.

There is also a mobile phone capture: if people are outside, see something like it, use a mobile phone to shoot down and upload, search, you can find the corresponding goods. This technology has been used by Amazon since last year.

The above two online shopping methods mainly rely on the function of image search.

Another technique will be the favorite of fashion magazines. IResearch analyst Su Huiyan said that she had communicated with a well-known fashion magazine group in China. The group is considering not to limit the clothing displayed by models, but to give full play to the interactive function, letting users through the touch screen of tablet computers and mobile phones. You can freely move and match your clothes, and after you have created your favorite effects, you can purchase them through the official website of the brand's business partners.

Upgrade from online shopping 1.0 to 2.0

Pictures, texts, and up-to-date videos of simple merchandise descriptions. At present, most of the online shopping technologies we use still stay in this initial stage. According to Zhang Yong, the president of Tmall, this is only the 1.0 era of online shopping technology. In the near future, it will develop into the 2.0 era of experience and interaction.

Su Huiyan said that many online shopping users are now facing the convenience of not going out, and that online prices are cheaper and more selective. However, searching for goods, comparisons, and checkouts are indeed a lack of experience in the process of fun, so shopping malls and entities Why shops can survive under the impact of online shopping, because they can provide customers with on-site experience fun. As a result, some online shops are big, and they are willing to pay high rents to open stores under the line, but also want to make up for their lack of experience in this piece.

From the perspective of future development, online shopping must work hard to improve the user experience. Whether it is virtual fitting or self-matching, it is a typical example of development in this area.

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