Sefon Women's Women's Fashion and Elegant Night in Habitat, a gorgeous curtain on the 11th

On July 11th, after the show ended at 21:00, at the highest point in Shenzhen - the 100-story St. Regis Hotel, the elegant and luxurious Malt Bar, séfon Haute Couture held theme parties for fashion guests from around the world: Post-habitation parties.

The Habitat Party started with a promotional video of séfon, which made people more familiar with the French elegance that belongs to séfon. In the fine wine suits, taste the mellow French red wine, and savor the unique romance created by séfon.

Followed by the gorgeous colorful elegant dance, eight pairs of dancers with a cheerful and passionate tango fashion opening, a strong atmosphere rendering, let the guests feel the séfon's strong enthusiasm. The next romantic waltz suddenly pushed the ambience of PARTY to a climax.

The fashionable séfon catwalk—the exhibition of branded clothing at the party—is more than that: the artist uses his artistic vision to embellish séfon’s new clothes on the field, and in conjunction with the dynamic catwalk, the séfon costume is more fully displayed.

During the entire event, live cocktails and live demonstrations were also added to the atmosphere, adding a touch of fashion to the romantic and elegant atmosphere. At the same time, guests also experienced the ever-changing style of the séfon women who loved the trend.

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