Armani children's clothing 2012 spring and summer fun "delicious"

Spring and summer 2012, Armani Jeans and Armani children's clothing served bright fruit color "delicious" series - colorful and eco-friendly. This is a series of works that can be used in both eyes. It is an embodiment of the "Trinity" of fun, fashion and environmental awareness.

This is a product designed for paper-cut or embroidery products and their derivatives. They are handmade and made with Chinese characteristics and traditional methods.
Embroidery: The hand-embroidered bag material is made of high-quality fabrics, hand-embroidered by a line of embroidered women, and carefully needle-stitched. The Embroidered Brooch is designed with traditional Chinese butterfly shapes and flower shapes as a sample, traditional and retro.
Paper-cut: Taken from Chinese traditional red paper, the paper is cut by Chinese non-genetic inheritors and senior art masters. The shape depends on the local scenery or legends, especially the portrait paper-cut, which is vivid and vivid.

Paper-cut Print

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