Zou Jifu: the responsibility as a habit


Zou Jifu was born in April 1972 in Yunyang County of Chongqing Municipality and possesses an EMBA degree from Tsinghua University. He once got involved in the advertising and IT investment industry. In 2008, he started his business with a dream in Shenzhen. In October 2009, he founded Love Thread Apparel Group , The flag of the four underwear brands in the market have a certain degree of awareness and aesthetic education. Recalling the course of their own business, Zou Jifu said most is the "responsibility" word.

Small underwear big business

Zou Jifu is a flexible man, after digging the pot of gold in Shenzhen, started the TI investment industry, just as he did the TI industry wind comes, he also found hidden underwear big business opportunities. In October 2009, the company founded the Love yarn apparel group, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a modern enterprise specializing in the development, production and sale of underwear. Love yarn apparel Group was established, Zou Jifu in a seeyty, to take a multi-brand strategy, following the registration of love yarn baby, and registered Baiyou Ti, IFEICE (Love Fei Si) and GetFit (Princess Fei) three brands, including Love yarn Baby Mid-priced brands, GetFit (Princess) for the high-end e-commerce brands, IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) is a low-cost brands, Baiyuditi is a high-end brand underwear , four brand underwear are integrated into the international fashion elements, using environmentally friendly fabrics , According to ergonomics, fatology, fashion design principles, highlights the elegance, comfort, fashion, health features, not only can help women shape body, become confident and beautiful woman, but also can prevent breast disease, breast care health. Love yarn baby underwear listed on the market adjustment, aroused strong repercussions among consumers, many women see love yarn baby adjust the price of the underwear surprise and joy, have come to buy, in their view, spend about 200 yuan can buy And to adjust the quality of the international big-name underwear, is simply fantasy. Love yarn baby adjust underwear Whether in the fabric, design style, environmental concepts, self-cultivation effect, cost-effective than competitors have outstanding advantages, market acceptance and sales soaring all the way in the market less than a year, the success of Rank among the "China's first brand in underwear adjustment" list, product sales climbed steadily.
Quality as the cornerstone to build the brand

Over the past few years, Zou Jifu has always insisted "to take care of women's health responsibility" business purposes, and continuously improve product quality, product quality, commitment to the development of new products, strict quality supervision and control, insist on unqualified products are not shipped, to ensure that each piece The quality of underwear to meet the standards set by the state. With excellent quality, good reputation, preferential accession conditions have been franchisee and consumer recognition, business bigger and bigger. At present, Love yarn apparel group's production capacity has been 600,000 from the original, up to the present 3 million, emerged a number of franchisees with annual revenues of over one million. Zhejiang Jinhua Ms. Zhu Aiwu even in two years time to open five stores, and set a single store annual turnover of 3000000 yuan broke the record, become Love yarn baby agents in the leader. As Zhu Aiwu outstanding performance, Zou Dong promoted her as Love yarn International (China) Co., Ltd. general manager. In addition, Love yarn baby four underwear brands have achieved very good sales performance, including Love yarn baby underwear not only won the Chinese women's trust and favor, but also exported to foreign countries, by the French First Lady's attention and praise.

Today, Love yarn Baby born in the financial crisis brand, already has a very mature brand marketing experience, market performance all the way gains across the board. Faced with the achievements made, Zou Jifu said: At present, the global financial crisis, inflation, raw material prices, rising labor prices, business recruitment difficulties, Love yarn International is facing a variety of pressures and challenges. However, I believe, with the wisdom and hardworking spirit of Love yarn, we will surely develop and expand in a crisis to provide high quality and cost-effective underwear for the majority of women and consolidate the status of the No. 1 brand in China underwear.
Responsibility and love let him go further

As early as before the establishment of Love yarn group, Zou Jifu on China's underwear market survey found that many Chinese women wearing long-term expensive, but not suitable for their own European version of the foreign brand underwear. As the European women's breasts above the large, small chassis, and Asian women's breasts above the small, large chassis, so underwear off with Le marks, long-term compression of the breast tissue led to blood blocked, blocked lymph nodes, Breast breast augmentation package Lump cysts, inflammation is formed. Faced with this situation, an obligation to care for women's health in the heart of Zou Jifu spontaneous, made a secret swear, the establishment of underwear processing plants, tailor-made underwear for Chinese women, let them wear stylish, comfortable, cost-effective health underwear. This is the heart of such a mind, Zou Jifu began to recruit, raise funds, with an alarming rate set up Love yarn clothing group, began his beautiful career.

Zou Jifu's responsibility and love are not only reflected in the care of women's health, but also reflected in his treatment of employee care. Because he was born in rural areas, a person alone from Chongqing to Shenzhen venture, so Zou Jifu better understand the migrant workers is not easy. He cares about every employee and, like his own brothers and sisters, does everything possible to provide accommodation for employees, continuously improve working and living environment, improve meals, raise wages, provide social security and provide room for promotion. As the feelings of others, love to stay, he himself has also been the support of employees and praise, companies embarked on a virtuous circle.

Zou Jifu told reporters that while doing business is very tired, sometimes really want to give up, but at the hands of more than 2,000 employees and so many women who wear breast cancer due to wrong underwear, felt a heavy responsibility on their shoulders. Listen to him a few words, the reporter felt Zou Jifu is a man covered with passion under the whole body, but also a man to assume responsibility as a habit.

Yang Xixi, the reporter and Zou Jifu's conversation is coming to an end, the reporter could not help but ask him: you most want to thank who? What is the most wanted to do? Zou Jifu said: "Most want to thank my parents, they gave me a simple, resolute, tenacious, never-ending character, thanks to my staff let me step by step to achieve their dreams. Thing is to let the world's women wear Love yarn series adjustable underwear, to be a healthy Chinese woman ......

I sincerely wish the world's women are healthy, I wish Love yarn group more exciting!

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