Zheng cotton warehouses surge pressure on inventory

At present, the price of the domestic cotton 328B index is much higher than the price of the US cotton and Indian cotton, which directly leads to a decline in the competitiveness of domestic cotton.

From September last year to January this year, China imported 2 million tons of cotton, a record high. The heavy use of imported cotton by textile companies has increased the sales pressure of domestic cotton.

Closing of cotton and Zheng cotton market became the best choice for spot sales. The price of Zheng cotton was significantly higher than the purchase price. It also made selling value preservation the first choice for cotton merchants.

Although the 1.529 million tons of cotton deposits in Xinjiang caused high-grade cotton resources to be tight and became the main reason for the early rise of Zheng cotton, the overall supply of cotton was still greater than consumption in the case of a large amount of imported cotton and shrinking consumption in the current year. The pressure is obvious.

After the Spring Festival, the difference between the Zheng cotton 1205 contract and the 328B index reached a maximum of 2,406 yuan/ton, and the weak spot sales pattern remained unchanged.

As of February 21, Zheng cotton registered warehouse receipts increased by 276, reaching 726, including 98 warehouse receipts in 2010/2011 and 628 warehouse receipts in 2011/2012. In this year's warehouse receipts, there are 130 cottons in Xinjiang, 498 cottons in the Mainland, and 476 cottons and cottons in the Mainland.

At the same time, the effective forecast for warehouse receipts increased by 903 to 1,127. According to 80% of the effective forecast converted to the standard warehouse receipts, 2011/2012 warehouse receipts is expected to reach 1529, equivalent to 12,232 unilateral positions. The cumulative unilateral holdings of 171,001 lots in the three contracts in May, July and September of February 21 have been calculated. The firm pressure index has reached 7.15%. Judging from the increasing trend of the current warehouse receipts and effective forecasting, the actual pressure in the future will continue to increase.

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