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In underwear sales season there will often be some strange phenomenon, such as underwear promotion is not in place, the performance decline, the reason? After analysis, mainly reflected in three aspects.

First, the cost of closing the dealer dealer. The short-sighted behavior of the dealer determines that it is normal for the retention fee to be retained. Especially for FMCG distributors, they usually think:

1, underwear promotion is a manufacturer's matter, is responsible for the manufacturer, has nothing to do with the dealer.

2, underwear promotion is to give the dealer none other than to promote product sales. They intercepted directly, lost their competitiveness in the channel, and the effect of promotion was greatly reduced.

3, new products to market and deal with unsalable goods, should be added sales, or only increase inventory.

Second, business people on the form of cognitive bias. Many business people inertial thinking often exist cognitive bias, resulting in behavioral errors. Sales staff generally think:

1, off-season to do the market, season and other sales, as long as the off-season to do a steady market, there is no need to do promotions.

2, underwear promotion is the price.

3, all manufacturers are engaged in promotion, promotion is only to promote product sales, it is best to engage in all products promotion. The above ideas lead to a great variety of means of promotion, can not achieve the original intention of promotion.

Third, the changing environment of the underwear market. The world is different from time to time, while things change. Now the market competition is more intense, the variability of underwear marketing environment to the promotion of the decision-making a certain degree of difficulty, the result is the effect of sales and expectations there is a big deviation.

Fourth, poor execution. Poor execution is one of the most important reasons why we do not have enough promotions. And then there is a creative promotion plan. If our execution is poor, the purpose of promotion is not achieved

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