City Beauty brand underwear - a new model of chain leader

"City Beauty" chief creative engineer - Lin Chi-ling not only in the city of Beauty 2013 autumn and winter new conference lead show "show" a good new look, but also come out on their first-time new beginners to create a new interpretation of the product, especially the "type" series co-branded products Praise plus.


City Beauty products range, covering ladies bra, underwear, men's underwear, home wear, thermal underwear, vests, Leggings, Pants and related peripheral products. High-quality and superior operational capacity, urban beauty lingerie to the common people to lead the fashion consumer prices, but also by the lingerie franchisee agents unanimously approved.


Based on the moment, look to the future, urban beauty adhere to the "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, enhance the humane taste, to create a heart-shaped woman," the development direction. Under a diversified strategy, urban beauty lingerie will create more beauty and elegance for women. At the same time as the driving force for innovation, is committed to creating the most powerful underwear terminal sales system, a new model of the domestic underwear chain leader. Phone

Women's Suits

Women's Suits

Women's Suits

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