Han Lyle, a "lingerie" in the underwear industry

For 14 consecutive years, Nokia, the global branded mobile phone sales champion, sold the Finnish headquarters building to raise funds. Apple shouted too much cash and the 100-year-old giant Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection. The reasons why these former glorious enterprises are now in the doldrums deserve our consideration : In the highly competitive market today homogeneity, a brand of innovation and features in the end how important?


In the underwear industry, most of them have no intellectual property rights, so that in the market to see more than 75% are similar products, any consumer will be tired of beauty. Han Lier underwear first 5G health underwear, beautiful and comfortable, access to China, the United States double patented certification, Han Lier underwear is a patent-protected breast bra with intellectual property protection, the core technology, the country alone, the same industry will never imitate. At the same time have a strong factory production and research and development strength, quarterly listing of over a hundred new models, keep up with market trends, ensure that goods such as rotation.

In 2014, the launch of the new Kylie brand heavyweight marketing model became the industry's first use of the model underwear brand , the company closely integrated with the franchisee to reduce franchisee investment costs while increasing sales, 0 inventory 0 risk, Really achieve a shop a win-win! Select Han Lier underwear, let us join hands in creating the underwear industry "apple"! Choose more than effort, and Han Lier underwear friends, the next tyrant is you!


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