The details of the distinction between Oxford shoes and Derby shoes

On January 2nd this year, men who want to appear in front of the men who have two brushes for fashion - the first level, will show off their love or understanding of Oxford shoes. Is Oxford shoes really?

The three paragraphs on the map are Oxford shoes (left), Derby shoes (middle), and Bullock (right). They are very close in appearance and are often confused. If you call Brock an Oxford shoe, you're barely able to cross the border, but if you're fooled by a Derby shoe, you're really exposed.

The reason why Brock mistakenly calls it a "small" mistake is because it was originally a branch of Oxford shoes. In general, you see the oxfords that are complicated to decorate, it is Bullock, under normal circumstances.

The oxford shoe's tongue and upper are not made from a single piece of leather, but are two separate parts. In addition, the oxford shoe's wings are very tight and very closed. It is not possible to adjust the width and the tongue cannot be seen. In contrast, Derby shoes are loose, suitable for people with wider feet. There are also the wing parts, Oxford shoes in the shoes, Derby shoes is obviously on the upper.

Having mastered these small details, it is very easy to distinguish between the feet of your feet, or the pair of people in the crowd, in the end is not genuine Oxford shoes. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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