Crystal jewelry and bags with essentials

Crystal jewelry and bags with essentials As part of the fashion trend, a good-looking bag is always one of the most indispensable members of women's fashion weapons. When the shiny theme filled the fashion industry, the beauty of crystals and bags was also developed.

Recently, the contribution of synthetic crystals to women's bags has been mainly to add sparkling elements and personalized decorations. However, I would like to remind everyone that this kind of collocation is also subject to certain rules, so don't mess up.

First, with location:

Under normal circumstances, the straps, breasts, body corners, and the pattern of the body are the best locations for crystal inlays. In this case, you can refer to the Swarovski crystal ladies handbag design. However, this rhinestone inlaid with the dense bag should pay attention to the style of dress uniform, otherwise, not only feel gorgeous but there will be a very "night club" feeling.

Second, the crystal color:

In the mix of women's handbags, the mastery of crystal colors is very important. Some are dominated by monochromatic rhinestones or crystals, which can highlight the gorgeousness of handbags (represented by Swarovski's women's handbags); others appear in fruit or brilliant color to highlight the entire range. The fashion and personality of the bag. Recently saw a Kathy handbag is this style, very cute for young girls.

Third, the crystal process:

When purchasing, don't just look at one thing, especially when buying non-branded bags. Don't pay attention to the craftsmanship of artificial crystals. Whether the cutting is exquisite, the color is pure, and the inlaying of the handbag itself is firm. Better highlight the quality of the entire handbag, people do not feel cheap.

Fourth, special tips:

The combination of crystal and bag is not necessarily only inlaid on the bag, but also can appear as the role of accessories. Remember, the most eye-catching part of Kathy's embossed box-shaped handbag is its hanging chain, which makes people want to have it at first sight. In addition, Baccarat's handbag collection also attaches great importance to crystal embellishment.

So if you have enough D. I. With Y's talent, you can search for a bag of crystals that you can drop into gold for your lack of highlights, and bring your bag to a more popular queue.

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