Violet teaches you how to prevent the color drop

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As a first-line brand of home textiles and home textiles, the company has a very high attention. Most of her products are made of cotton fabric, so it is inevitable that it will be a little sun-colored in daily care. So how to prevent color loss? Violet Home Textile Tips for you to navigate:

The first trick to prevent fading: pickling. Need raw materials: vinegar

This move is mainly for bright cotton bedding products such as red or purple. The method is to add some ordinary vinegar to the water of the bed washing product for a while before washing these bedding products! However, the amount of vinegar should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to dye light-colored bed products. If you can wash the bedding like this often, you can ensure that the color of the clothes is as clean as new!

The second measure of anti-fading: toilet water cleaning method. Need raw materials: toilet water

The second measure is more suitable for cotton fabrics and wool fabrics. The method is to clean the bedding products according to the conventional method. After the bed products are rinsed, a few drops of toilet water are dripped in the clean water, and then the washed bedding products are soaked in such water for ten minutes. Clothes washed in this way can also be used for disinfection and sweat removal.

The third measure to prevent fading: salt water immersion method. Need raw materials: salt

This is the best way to deal with the fading problem of the color bed, the effect is very good. In order to prevent fading, the newly purchased bedding should be soaked in concentrated brine for half an hour before being first launched, and then washed according to the conventional method. If there is still a slight discoloration, you can soak it in light salt water for 10 minutes before each water cleaning. If you persist in the past, the clothes will never fade again! But the brine does not have to be too thick.

Anti-fading fourth trick: anti-drying method

This method is most commonly used, especially for some dark bedding products. The method is very simple, that is, the bedding is dried in the air. Here you should be especially reminded that most fabric beddings cannot be directly exposed to the sun, because UV rays are the main culprit in the fading of bedding. Therefore, it is necessary not only to dry in the air, but to place the bedding in a place that is ventilated and protected from light when conditions permit.

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