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Ningbo Bo Yang (Group) Co., Ltd. is a 10 branches, eight plants, involving a wide range of cross-sectoral integrated conglomerate. The company has "Cannon Home Textiles Series", "Bo Yang Home Textiles", "Tang lion casual wear", "Tatsu Jun trousers" and other famous brands. As the largest production base of China's home textiles, the company's leading product, "Boyang Home Textiles" includes five series of bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and small decoration, over a thousand varieties and tens of thousands of styles. The products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Maucao regions. The company has set up branches in more than 30 cities across the country, forming a large sales network with more than 500 sales outlets. "Bo Yang Home Textiles" won the favor of many professionals and consumers due to its unique artistic charm and excellent quality. It was recognized as "China Home Textiles in the activity of" China Famous Brand Competitiveness Survey 1999-2000 " Industry's first brand. " "Bosch Dream, Young People Soul", Bo foreign people are full of enthusiasm for the building of the ability to challenge the international market, the state and society have made tremendous contributions to the high-effective national industrial enterprises and work hard. Main Products: Bo Yang Home Textiles, Tang lion casual wear, Tatsu Jun trousers new series.

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