Fashion is also enough to taste 8 methods to teach you shirt plus sweater with

Ben Wang reported on November 13 that the combination of shirts and sweaters is too common. But you may not have thought that they can actually transform a variety of patterns. The collar of the shirt is not buckled. Whether it is inside the sweater or outside, the length of the sleeve is the most fashionable, and the bottom of the hem is where it is worth. Detail really matters, the partial combination, decides the gas field and the fashionable degree.

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 1: The collar is inside the sweater and the shirt button is unlocked

Hiding the unlocked collar in the sweater is the privilege of the young boy—the big boy in the sunshine. There is not much time to take care of himself in the morning, and holding a hair that has been fiddled with carelessly, this uninhibited hurry is fashionable.

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 2: The collar is inside the sweater and the shirt button is buckled

This common method of wearing can be used with ties. When financial talents are not so busy at work, and when they are looking for a girl after work, they will wear them at a glance. At first glance, they are generous, professional and warm-hearted men who have requirements for themselves.

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 3: The collar is on the outside of the sweater and the shirt buckles

This method of wearing is not common, and it's a bit weird. Do not say anything else. First of all, if you buckle your shirt, unless you tie it, it will be like a nerd who doesn't even know how to wear it.

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 4: The collar is on the outside of the sweater and the shirt button is unlocked

Cowboys from the West usually do this, making people feel they need to tear their sweat off their neckline or do something else at any time. If you are going to meet your girlfriend's parents, you must avoid such details. Of course, if you just meet your girlfriend, we recommend wearing it.

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 5: Shirt cuffs covered by sweater sleeves

The fact that the cuffs do not reveal sweaters at all is not recommended, because it looks awkward unless you are a good model with a good face and a good face. Otherwise, it looks like the sweater is big.

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 6: The shirt sleeves are exposed and the sweater is rolled up

The sleeves of the shirt are just two centimeters longer than the cuffs of the sweater. At first glance, they are face-to-face, young and well-behaved, and middle-aged men are clean and tidy. In short, a man who knows how to spend even a minute to take care of himself.

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 7: No shirt hem

Putting the shirt on the back of the shirt and putting it back into the sweater, the man who is tucked into his trousers, does not make people feel that they have more rules and decent, but they are too rigid and stereotyped. This is not the case for informal occasions. Formal occasions Are you wearing sweaters and shirts for formal occasions?

时髦也够味 8个方法教你衬衫加毛衣搭配

WAY 8: Shirt hem

The man who deliberately reveals his shirt hem from the sweater makes him feel like a sunshine boy. He won't look embarrassed, but rather cute. If the uncle also did so, it would even make people feel like "sprouting". Think about George Clooney.

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