Union can favor Moncler down jacket 2015 winter FriendsWithYou joint series new album

The alliance can favor Moncler down jacket 2015 winter FriendsWithYou joint series new album. The FriendsWithYou portfolio was founded in Miami in 2002 by Samuel Albert Borkson, an American artist born in 1979, and Arturo Sandoval, a Cuban artist born in 1976. The studio is currently based in Los Angeles. Its founding intention and upholding the concept are the common aphorism of the two founders - "trick, luck, friendship." Since the establishment of FriendsWithYou, a series of colorful exhibitions have been held in museums and art institutions all over the world. Among them, many multinational large installation art exhibitions are the most impressive. Nowadays, the famous "plastic soft sculpture" is the opportunity for the two people to join the art road.

These cute and playful creative elements are the representative features of the joint series, or the biggest highlight of the embellishment incarnate as a symbolic pattern, or a patchwork printed over the down jacket. The worm also left a colorful rainbow of brilliant colors on sweaters, sweaters and jackets. In addition, the series of sports shoes and backpacks are equally colorful, FriendsWithYou's iconic cartoon image makes each single product become so different.

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