How to choose the color of South Red

We must observe it carefully when purchasing and selecting. The most important thing to watch is the color of the South Red Agate jewelry. Before we buy Nanhong, we must think clearly. If you buy it, you should do it. If you are wearing it as a jewelry, you don’t have to worry too much. As long as it is natural, the price is right, you can like it. However, if you want to have a certain collection value, you must figure out the knowledge of Nanhong.

The color of the South Red Agate is different, and their prices will vary a lot. For example, the very rare Jinhong is basically impossible to meet, and the price is of course quite expensive. And the price of water red, which is more watery, is much cheaper. From the value of the collection, it is definitely the richer the color, the finer the texture, the more collectible.

FR Coveralls

FR Coverall is a protective garment that is worn during work and produce. The style of structure, color configuration and material selection of the FR Coverall are designed for the purpose of safety first, which is the functional difference between the work FR Coverall and other garments. Furthermore, in the design of labor protection FR Coverall,FR Jackets,FR Shirts,FR Pants. Which safety and protection functions are the first. On this basis, the rationality and comfort of the FR Suit shape should be considered, so that the binding force of the FR Coverall to the human body is reduced to a minimum, thereby improving the work effectiveness.

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