Teach you to see the TVB lawyers' wigs are wrong!

You who love to watch the TVB legal film must be familiar with lawyers and judges in the court wearing robes, overhead wigs , such as him:


And her

The following picture shows who is this?

Yes, it’s the day after Faye Wong, the 1994 nickname Emperor II

And they

Well, it’s quite right, then the question is coming. For TVB’s lawyers, they have to wear wigs. Is it true that their wigs are worn correctly? Encyclopedia teaches you to see through today.

The wig used by lawyers in court is called a judicial wig. There are several legends about the origin of this habit:

Legend One:

In the Middle Ages, excessive fatigue and illness caused the judiciary to lose their hair prematurely. In order to conceal their "smartness" in front of the public, wigs became popular and became a scene of British courts.
This statement does not seem to be very reliable.

Legend 2:

The judge wears a wig to express his high respect, and the lawyer fears that his defense results cannot be recognized by the defendant and his family. Wearing a wig can play a role in concealing and protecting.

But this is not so much a reasonable explanation as it is a joke that was made by a person who had a holiday with a lawyer to smash them.

The truth is:

This kind of fake initiation was not a lawyer's patent. Around 1620, Louis XIII wore a wig to cover up his baldness, causing the aristocrats who often went to the court to follow suit, and then swept Europe so that even women wore various wigs to attend. Formal social occasion or salon party.

In the period of George III (1760-1820), the enthusiasm of the people wearing hair sets disappeared, and the hair sets were no longer popular, except for the bishops, grooms and people engaged in the legal profession. The judges and barristers wore them at the trial. . After 1830, the bishop also completely took off his hair.

At first, the judges wore hair sleeves with long shoulders. After 1780, the hair sets showed a "division of labor": two sides were hair curls, and a small hair pistol with a small "horsetail" at the back was generally tried. Wear it in a civil case, like this:

It is worth mentioning that there should be three curls on each side of the judicial wig, but there are only two members of the royal family. Be careful when you look at the film next time, maybe you will find a big wearer~

The following traditional hair clips with long shoulders only appear in criminal trials.

After 1840, the long hair sleeves became part of the ceremonial attire and were worn during various important ceremonies and events.

What, how much do you say a wig?

The production of wigs is a fine work, and there is no way to mass produce them through machines or production lines. A wig from a weaving to a roll requires a skilled craftsman to spend about 44 hours to do it. The wig is usually made. More than 1,500 pounds (14,000 yuan), and the most common wig, no less than 300 pounds (2800 yuan).

This is a true local tyrant!

The wigs are actually available in four colors: white, gold, light gray and grey. In some old British colonies, such as West Africa and the Caribbean, white is very popular, while in the UK, gold and grey are the most popular.

But why do you would rather endure the scorpion and not change a few more wigs, because it is too expensive to buy?

No! This is wrong!

That's because there is a hidden rule in the lawyer circle: the longer the wig is worn, the older the dirtier, the darker the color, the longer you take the legal meal, and the qualifications and age in the judiciary can be a treasure. In a sense, the older the wig, the older the wig, has become a century-old brand for lawyers to attract business, and the judge's old wig is a sign with trial experience.

But despite this, the survey shows that 57% of lawyers do not like to wear wigs, can't wait to take it off, a wig will take a lifetime, because it is expensive and unsanitary, think about it...

But now they are finally freed, because the dress has scared a child who testified in court to cry, and in 1992 the United Kingdom canceled the habit of wearing a wig in a special court dealing with juvenile cases. Beginning on October 2, 2008, the British judicial system officially implemented a new regulation: in addition to the judges who hear criminal cases, most judges and lawyers in the country can no longer wear wigs in court.

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