What are the distinguishing features of B-Jadeite?

Nowadays, the collection of the collection of jadeite winds, although more popular, but its true and false identification is not so simple, the current jade market fish eyes mixed, B goods jade is increasingly flooding, then how to identify B goods jade?

B goods jadeite is treated by chemical strong acid soaking and so on, so that its color is changed. This kind of artificially processed B-carved jade has caused the internal structure of natural jade to be damaged. Usually we can distinguish it according to the characteristics of B-car jade described below:

1. Color: The color of the B-Jadeite is more vivid, but the common feature is that there is no color root, and the color of the jade is strongly contrasted with the ground, which looks very unnatural.

2, gloss : B goods jade is immersed in strong acid, resulting in corrosion of the surface, so greatly reduced the luster of jade, and most of them show resin luster, obviously different from the glass luster of A jade.

3. Structure : The internal structure of B-Jadeite is damaged. Therefore, by observing with a magnifying glass, it can be seen that the internal crystal particles are staggered and displaced, and the natural order consistency has changed.

In addition to cleaning only with strong acid, some of the B-Jadeites will be glued. If you want to identify this kind of glued B-carved jade, you need to distinguish it under the condition of ultraviolet fluorescent lamp, you can find it is pink blue. Or yellow-green.

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