Interpretation of calm calm calm attitude oxygen life clothing

Oxygen life clothing is authentic, natural, warm and simple in the city, while the women who are hot, rich, romantic and beautiful ... continue their dreams. With natural fiber (cotton, linen, silk, silk, etc.) -based material, the process uses embroidery, printing, hand-painted, comfortable to enjoy for women who like to live in simple and comfortable way, give you a space to show individuality. Oxygen life should be interpreted to share calm and calm attitude, in the noisy, the wearer from outside to inside with this commoner to bring peace and ease of mind. Tea and talk between a touch of Su Yi, feel the time still and far away; the pursuit of simplicity, return to life, put down the vulgar, no design, listen to the inner and the skin of the appeal is the body and mind to resonate clothing is oxygen Zen clothing series. Prominent design sense at the same time focus on the comfort and relaxation of the body, do not give up the moment and the contemporary communication, promote common miscellaneous thoughts, taking into account the needs of most urban people work and occasions, is oxygen city series.

This kind of Functional Fabric is usually treated by coating,PU or PVC. The special functions usually include flame retardant,waterproof,oil proof,anti-static,anti-mosquito,hygroscopicity and quick drying,easy-care,antibacterial,anti-UV,infrared retardant,etc.Normally,this kind of fabric can be used for bags, vest,tent,etc.

PU Coating Fabric

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