Rabbit Mark pretty baby spokesperson Sheng Qi microblogging forwarding gift offer the whole city

The "Pretty Baby" hosted by TVS5, a children's channel of the South, is the most authoritative, influential and professional children's brand competition in China. The "Pretty Baby" contest is based on the concept of "health and happiness", promotes "self-confident and dreamy" childhood, advocates "love and sharing", attracts hundreds of thousands of children and parents, and has become a leader of children in Guangdong Province and even in China An important stage to showcase the charms and childlike innocence has become an important stage in enhancing the children's aesthetic ability and leading the children's health and fashion. As always concerned about the overall image of children, children are committed to leading children's fashion brand children's clothing, Bunny-Mark International fully sponsored "beautiful baby" Dongguan Division race. Take this "Pretty Baby" contest as an opportunity to fully demonstrate its TUZAMA children's clothing industry in the field of services and children's strength, and further enhance the consumer, especially in the children's brand image. At the same time, Rabbit Mark International is more interested in tapping the platform of "Beautiful Baby" to tap into the new generation of brand spokespeople of Rabbit Mark in 2013 and inject fresh blood into the brand display. It is reported that by the Bunny-Mark-sponsored 2012 "beautiful baby" Dongguan Division race, divided into three stages: sea election, preliminary and rematch, singing, dancing and T stage shows, the program is rich in content, intended to fully display Modern children's style. Obviously, this coincides with the concept of fresh fashion led by Rabbit-Mark International, and we believe that Rabbit-Mark International together with the 'Pretty Baby' in organizing the event in Dongguan will inevitably complement each other's overall image as a modern child Shaping to provide a benchmarking role of benchmarking. "To sponsor the reason for the event, Rabbit Mark International Marketing Manager Tan said frankly. In addition, the "beautiful baby" Dongguan Division sea contest will be held this weekend (November 4) at the Grand Place Plaza grand start. At that time, in addition to enjoying the wonderful performances of beautiful babies, the Bunny-Mark planned a large-scale sale at the scene, offering truthful feedback to customers and offering free gifts. At the same time, Rabbit-Mark International also through Sina Weibo this information sharing platform, launched the "Rabbit Mark beautiful baby generous gifts big" microblogging forwarding award-winning activities. Specific activities, from October 28 to November 4, concerned about the official microblogging Rabbit mark, and forwarded the microblogging @ @ @ @ VSS pretty baby, @ TUZAMA Rabbit Mark International and three friends, have the opportunity to obtain Rabbit Mark sent out the beautiful children's clothing and electronic vouchers, etc., then every day out of lucky fans 50, the next day announced the list of winners, ashamed, generous prizes waiting for you! Official Weibo: TUZAMA Rabbit Mark International http://weibo.com/tuzamahouse

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