Teach you to distinguish warp knitted coral velvet and weft knitted coral velvet

Coral velvet can be divided into warp-knitted coral velvet and weft-knitted coral velvet according to the weaving method. How can we not edit the coral velvet and weft-knitted coral velvet fabric?

A, the warp knitted surface is more delicate, the bottom of the cloth is finer and denser B, the weft knitting and the warp knitting are slightly larger in the latitudinal and meridional elasticity, respectively. The biggest difference is that the warp knitting is easy to shed, and the weft knitting is high. Quality coral velvet will not be lost when buying coral fleece. 1. The stability of the rough surface of the product.

If the manufacturer does not have a one-stop production equipment and needs external processing, then his big cargo is difficult to guarantee.

2, the weight of the finished product is stable, the normal is within 5%. Overweight will definitely increase the cost of 3 environmental protection can guarantee, the most important is whether the PH value will exceed the standard 4, whether it is hair loss, because a hair loss, no matter how good the face , there are not many people who like the products.

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