Bright color wrapped chest underwear wear a good mood in the summer

The chest is very important to a woman, not only the characteristics of women is more confident. In summer, certainly many women's choice of underwear is always dominated by flesh-colored, I feel such a light-colored clothes will not have the embarrassment of shades, but underwear for women has an unspeakable importance, underwear can affect more than one Women's good mood all day long, so the hot summer occasionally may wish to choose a bright wrap-chest underwear, so that they have a good mood.


Green should be the closest natural color, always able to bring people a pleasant feeling. But this bright green wrapped chest underwear, wrapped chest design and wearing low-necked clothing, thin fabric looming visual experience, it is to make you more sexy and charming.

亮色裹胸式内衣 穿出夏日好心情

This rose red two-color underwear, more suitable for women wearing big chest, multi-row buckle design allows you to easily wear a good chest type, the perfect wrap your chest so that you walk no longer "choppy", so good More charming body.

Photo credit: Ajin Sha underwear

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