If the white is cut off fat, it is like sheep oil--On sheep fat jade

First, what is the fat jade

The name of the sheep fat jade, folklore began in Xinjiang, in fact, as early as the end of the Ming Dynasty, it was first seen. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Gao Yan’s "Baosheng Eight Signs" was on the sputum: "Jade is made of sweet yellow, and the fat is second." It can be seen that there was the word Yangzhiyu. In the period of the Qing Emperor Qianlong, Emperor Qianlong loved this kind of Hetian jade. In his imperial poem "咏周玉素壁": "The quality of this sheep fat white, the color of today's chestnut yellow." One sentence, from then on the best Hetian Baiyu will be sheep Named after the white fat, and spread.


Zhao Xianzhi Yangzhiyu seed material turned out to be a piece

The white fat of sheep fat is the top of nephrite. It is warm and gorgeous, delicate and transparent. It is characterized by whiteness, brightness, warmness, fineness and excellent oiliness. The best white sheep white jade is "white as fat", its jade quality is like the fat of the fat sheep just cut, and the gloss is just like the fat of the condensed. In the Three Kingdoms era, Cao Yu and "Zhong Yu Xie Yushu" said: "Theft of jade books, said that the beauty of jade white as fat, black enamel pure paint, red cockscomb, yellow sorghum steamed." This is the sheep fat jade. Sheep fat white jade has been valued since ancient times and the price is very precious. In ancient times, only the emperor was qualified to wear. According to research, the Western Han Dynasty "Queen of the Queen" is made from the innocent sheep white seed of jade, and in the collections of museums across the country, there are no cultural relics carved from the fat and jade. For the "national treasure."


Wu Jinxing Yangzhiyu must be Chenglongpei

Sheep fat white jade is rare, not all Hetian Baiyu can be named after sheep fat. In addition to the "white as a fat", its jade quality needs to be extraordinarily pure, clean and flawless. Oily also needs to be full. In the process of people wearing and playing, the fat jade is like the surface of the grease, the hand feels very delicate and lubricated, the jade falls in the water, the jade body is lifted, almost dripping water is not sticky, so called On the top is the fat jade.


Sheep fat jade cloud string month card


Sheep fat jade spring drunk rose

Second, the factor that affects the value of sheep fat jade is its scarcity - just as rare

There seems to be no doubt that the principle of "things are rare". Rarely has an important significance in determining the price of jade. As a commodity that can be exchanged, the smaller the output, the higher the value, and the higher the value. On the contrary, some jade varieties have large yields and good quality. They can also be supplied to the market in batches, and the production areas are also relatively large. The demand has not been large for a long time. Growth, value will remain at a relatively low level for a long time. "Rarely appropriate" is also an important factor affecting value. Although it is rare, it will lead to high prices, but it is necessary to note that if it is so rare that people can't recognize it and even forget its beauty slowly, the market demand will naturally decrease, and its value will be greatly reduced. . In addition, no one may be advertising products that are almost impossible to buy on the market.

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