Jade Collection: Old jade but no new jade

The saying “horizontal life jade” seems to be inaccurate.

When the media has placed headlines on the current international economic situation, such as “step by step” and “market to enter the winter”, the guiding stance makes it hard for financial migrants to believe that the front is still the "golden age" of investment collection. However, for the financial customers who cross the border to buy and sell jade, the eyes of emerald, Shoushan Stone, and especially Hetian jade, seem to be indeed prosperous.

Buying jade, it seems undoubtedly, perhaps for investors, is it right?

The Jade Stone Market spreads jadeite jade, Shoushan Stone and Hetian Jade are indeed leading the jade art market, and they are equally capable of rare and precious mineral resources. The price refresh once again makes people have to pay attention to these “crazy stones”.

Not long ago, the Forbidden City (microblogging) Museum has collected two works of contemporary jade artists. Although it was a donation without compensation, it was also the first permanent collection of the contemporary jadeite artist's work by the National Palace Museum. According to relevant data, the two works named “Hundred Years of Love” and “A Dew and Sweetness” worth as much as 1 billion yuan.

The investment value of Jadeite has been affirmed due to the limitation of the locality of the place of production and its unsynthesizable nature, and with the reduction of Myanmar's jadeite mineral resources, investors are also looking forward to the market after several years. At the Christie's auction in Hong Kong in the fall of 1996, an jade bracelet was sold for HK$12 million. Today, the auction house has set up special events for Jade.

The largest e-commerce company also began to get involved in the jade art market. On the Taobao auction platform that was just on the line this year, Shoushan Stone, a joint venture between Xiling Yinshe (microblogging) and Taobao Auctions, is bidding on the auction. As the Shoushan Stone, one of the four most famous stones in China (Shoushan Stone, Qingtian Stone, Balinshi, and Changhua), Shoushan Stone has been sold for a long time because it was mined and used. In particular, Shoushan Stone is listed as a candidate for “National Stone”. After the first place, the price began to rise.

As far as the reporter saw at the Taobao auction, the starting price of a piece of Shoushan Furong Stone named “Fu Yun Yi” was 1,000 yuan, and there was no reserve price (ie, the lowest transaction price acceptable to the seller). Yuan, and according to its official website shows that the market price of this Shoushan Furong stone is 12,000 yuan.

The historical auctions of Taobao's official website show that in the auctions involving multiple categories, 80% of transactions were recorded by Hetian Yu. In the era of national collection, Hetian jade may be the highest-accepted category. According to the statistics of the China Jewellery and Jade Jewelry Industry Association, the total sales of China Hetian jade in 2010 exceeded 18 billion yuan***, which was 3 times more than five years ago. Times. Recently, the first Hetian jade trading center in South China, the Yaxie Hetian jade trading center, opened in Shenzhen. It is reported that the trading center, which invested 300 million yuan, does not open or sell finished products to ordinary retail consumers, only to the national jade carving factory. Jewelry companies, arts and crafts divisions, and collectors and investors open up and provide intermediary services. Their self-positioning is to "build China's largest Hetian jade raw materials trading market."

The increase in cost, steady increase, and development The development of high-quality resources and the reduction of production are the reasons for the uniqueness and non-renewability of resource products, and are also the source of rising jade art market. For example, Shoushan Stone is produced only in the northern suburbs of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. Shoushan area is a rare jade mineral. In recent years, mining, even over-exploitation, has caused a certain degree of ecological damage.

Mr. Shen, a perennial investor concerned about the Shoushan Stone market, frankly stated: “The realization of this is to see which line of business returns can match the interest rate of the bank. I buy Shoushan Stone mainly because of the limitations and scarcity of resources. Anyway, I think that you see gold is up and down, jade seems to be at least stable."

From an investor's point of view, in China where there are not many investment channels in itself, coupled with the control of real estate policies and the sluggish stock market, investment in artworks is not new. Even if we do not consider the speculation to drive up the price side, only a large amount of money can support the plate; on the other hand, labor costs and the price of jade materials are increasing, and the prices of artists related to jade art are also rising. Investors often flock to the works of contemporary jade carving masters, and the market has also seen the upside-down phenomenon of old jade selling jade.

Ruyi Ma, chairman of the Hetian jade cultural club, told reporters that he believes that the most important reason is that the value of Hetian jade itself is far more than that. “Hetian jade has nearly 8,000 years of history and culture, and now the price rises up is people’s right. Hetian Yu’s gradual increase in cognition is also a process in which Hetian Yu’s value is reflected step by step. As far as the value is at its limit, everyone’s understanding of Hetian jade reaches a certain level, so at that time The value will be higher than it is now."

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