Warmly celebrate the Italian women's fashion DONEED brand 2012 spring and summer fashion conference a complete success

October 29, 2011 Shenzhen Shijun Investment and Development Co., Ltd. under the Italian fashion brand DONEED held in Shenzhen, the theme of "Guanghuan" 2012 spring and summer new conference. Products continue to maintain the original style: fashion, intellectual, taste! Seiko secret agents, so that everyone from the visual, tactile, sensory experience in the low-key luxury!

热烈庆祝意大利时尚女装DONEED品牌 2012年春夏时装发布会圆满成功

DONEED 2012 spring and summer new conference is Shijun design team accumulated another sublimation, is the leading trend of the future vane, DONEED character for urban women showing a different kind of charm! As well as the unstoppable edge to enter the international market, with unlimited development prospects and market demand with distributors spread beautiful!

热烈庆祝意大利时尚女装DONEED品牌 2012年春夏时装发布会圆满成功

"DONEED" is a kind of attitude, a beautiful illusion, a kind of extreme pursuit.

热烈庆祝意大利时尚女装DONEED品牌 2012年春夏时装发布会圆满成功

"DONEED" a way of life, abandon cautious, refused to mediocrity, washing their own dreams, feelings, beauty, gorgeous, all the static drip in life bit by bit.

热烈庆祝意大利时尚女装DONEED品牌 2012年春夏时装发布会圆满成功

"DONEED" in the spotlight, under the eyes of everyone forward to create beautiful beauty spread to the world!
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