Li Denya brand women's passion was staged in May

Li Denya brand women 's passion staged in May! Shenzhen Li Deng Ya Fashion Co., Ltd. is Hong Kong Yingying fashion international business group LIDENGYA brand in China's total agents.

LIDENGYA women's brand in Europe and South Korea mainly to women's fashion, not only in the global fashion, shoes and hats, leather and costumes far ahead of the individual design, but also inherently meticulous spirit and flair. Relying on Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong's top fashion resources, the world's advanced design concepts and trends combined with the Eastern Asian women's classic beauty, to create an unparalleled mix of women, making both the petite and delicate southern women, or body structure relative Full of northern women are able to find their own clothing, reflecting the most vivid beauty.

Founded in 2003, LIDENGYA Fashion Company is a professional women's clothing company which integrates garment production, design and foreign trade. "Only use is meritocracy is to lift" is the company's employment philosophy Over the years the company 广纳 all elite, for the company's large-scale development provides a broad platform. In 2009, due to the decline of the foreign trade market, the company decided to focus its efforts on investing abundant funds in major cities in China to establish a sound sales network and customer service agencies, and domestic franchisees and agents to jointly create a brand new LIDENGYA women's clothing.


Authorized regional management company nine support:
● Product Support: Six series of products, forming a popular, taste, distinguished product structure for all sectors of the consumer choice;
● brand support: powerful industry well-known brands, distinct personality CIS, leading brand promotion;
● Management support: based on years of practical experience, the establishment of a complete, scientific and rigorous store management system and the implementation of the corresponding team;
● Propaganda support: unified VI image and continuous advertising investment such as POP, newspapers, fashion magazines, publicity pictures, etc. ● Training support: continuous product display, shopping guide training and on-customer service of shop terminal to help customers improve shop terminal Sales performance
● design and development support: a strong design and development capabilities to grasp the latest trends at home and abroad;
● image support: free store image recognition system, free store image design;
● cost-effective support: adhere to high quality, high quality, excellent service, cost-effective;
● Incentive policy support: sales scheduled to be completed on schedule, the company provides rebates, incentives, discounts and other policy support;
Affiliate conditions ● identity Li Denya brand and corporate culture ● more than 2 years experience in branded apparel business, a certain amount of financial strength, to personally participate in shop management;
● operating venues: the local bustling commercial center, shopping malls or well-known shopping malls;
● business area: stores, shopping malls counter practical area of ​​40 square meters and above;
● shop decoration: unified by the company to provide the image of decoration, the company provides crystal brand LOGO;
Affiliate materials: The company provides free image decoration, quarterly brand image album CD, bag, A3 crystal display brand, brand franchise bronze, shop decoration renderings, image advertising, POP, shop operation manual, employee manual, training Data, sales reports, promotional items Tel: Mr. Ke:.0755-28753047 /

Embroidery jewelry
Embroidery As a common Chinese art, then embroidery jewelry hope you can love and accept.
Embroidery relies on a pair of industrious hands to run a small but comfortable life, compete with the world, hard life.
"Far from the noise and impetuous" handmade works
In recent years, the economic development has enriched the spiritual life of people and also stimulated people's cultural pursuit. Jewelry art has also been given more meaning: In addition to decorative features, consumers want it to carry more humanistic atmosphere.

Today's recommended embroidery jewelry, full of visual impact hit the color, water chestnut distinct geometry, unique and have charm.


The artistic charm of ethnic embroidery in the jewelry package design, showing the beauty of art and national beauty.


Embroidery pieces can not be copied to determine each of the embroidery accessories are absolutely isolated goods, each embroidery worker's different personality traits for each piece of embroidery bring a different aesthetic, free combination of patterns, the color of the jump The highlight of jewelry.


Embroidery jewelry on the embroidery itself, it has been with a strong Chinese style, can not help but think of the association of Eastern flavor. The oriental flavor we need is a piece of jewelry that gives us a taste of ourselves and reflects the spirit of China. Instead of simply imitating the West in both modern art jewelery and modern jewelry, we should use the artistic conception of China to replace the formal beauty of the West. Instead, we should let the West flaunt our Chinese style.
Now many young people, perhaps because of love, perhaps because of the trend, the pursuit of retro art fan, like to wear vintage retro and wear some retro accessories, although the retro Van is still very avant-garde.

Hand Embroidered Jewelry Accessories

Hand Embroidered Jewelry Accessories,Embroiderd Handmade,Floral Embroidery

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