Non-sparkling dress China's most complete brand apparel discount sales platform

Non-Shirong clothing joint nearly 200 brand apparel to enter the Chinese market, rich product resources, international market operation mode, mature business strategy and perfect service system for those who are interested in running apparel both inside and outside to provide a new venture platform. Opportunity stems from the timing, achievements come from the eyes, please fully understand the concept of Accor clothing discount store, the higher the degree of identity more easily succeed, spend more time to understand, more than a few companies pros and cons. As China's most complete brand apparel discount sales platform, give you business confidence, give you a reason for success.



The reason for success:
"One-stop shopping" brand apparel discount stores, the monopoly clothing industry thousands of apparel brands.
China's most famous brand discount warehouse base, is located in China's largest clothing distribution center and clothing logistics port.
Unique brand, quality, price and service advantages to ensure that Club join that is profitable.
Market reasons:
Apparel is always accompanied by everyone with each day, the change of seasons throughout the year and the trend of change, apparel consumption, replacement frequency, the market is fixed.
Business reasons:
The collection of various famous products, so that consumers have ample choice of space, the same brand, the same quality, the sale price, the fundamental change in the consumer's purchase direction.
Brand reason:
Loud brand, a distinctive business philosophy, a clear point of consumption, appearing in the business circle of charm.
System reason:
Headquarters directly with the manufacturers, not only low prices, style is always ahead of; no direct link between the middle of the supply and return system to ensure the profit of discount stores; advanced network platform to ensure that the discount stores without leaving home , With the shortest possible time set to seasonal goods.
Zero risk reasons:
Low purchase price, value for money goods, at any time you are selling to earn, can not sell the headquarters returned, unintentional operator headquarters to allow you to exit safely.

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