Nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst

Nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst

Nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst

The main component of the photocatalyst is ultra-nano-molecular nano-titanium dioxide, which is a material with a small pore size of 2-5 nm. 700m2 /g is an inorganic acid amorphous film formed of titanic acid or silicic acid, and the solid matter particle size in the solution is distributed at about 10 nm.

Different from the principle of catalysis of ultraviolet light irradiation with titanium oxide photocatalyst, this product produces a high-energy metathesis reaction due to strong adsorption and potential shift of nanoparticle characteristics, and can generate a catalytic reaction in the absence of light (redox reaction) ), producing a hydrogen oxide radical with strong oxidizing power, which can eliminate harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and total volatile organic compounds in a large and continuous manner, and at the same time, has the effects of deodorizing, antibacterial , anti-mildew and purifying air. . This product is easy to use, only need to be sprayed on the special surface of pollution, it can make the polluted gas degrade when it is emitted through the surface of the pollutant, which makes the indoor air more fresh and healthy. It is suitable for newly renovated houses, cars, furniture, air conditioners, etc. The same effect, a spray can last up to three to five years.

The nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology is a nano-bionic technology used in many frontier fields such as environmental purification, self-cleaning materials, advanced new energy, medical treatment, and high-efficiency antibacterial. It can oxidize and decompose most organic matter, pollutants, odors, bacteria, etc. into harmless carbon dioxide and water. It can destroy the bacterial cell membrane and the protein of the solidified virus, and effectively kill a variety of bacteria (such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, influenza virus, etc.) with an antibacterial rate of up to 99.99%, and can release bacteria or mold. The decomposition and harmless treatment of themycin can eliminate the musty smell, and can also remove the odors such as smoke, oil, sweat, wine and leather.

Photocatalyst technical parameters

Project indicator


Appearance white translucent solution

Crystalline anatase

Loss on drying 2h≦0.5%

Particle size 10nm

Surface area m2/g700±10

Purity, 99.5%

Applied to:

Home decoration, high-grade cars, building materials glass, concrete, sheet, wallpaper, plastic doors, medical, public places and other purification environment, self-cleaning, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-fouling, anti-fog and other functions.

Plastic drums: 1 kg 5 kg , 20 kg Installed. GXaiyWd

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