Winter is better to wear fur or fur jacket, down jacket with how

As time goes by, the temperature will get lower and lower. Afraid of cold sister may have to think carefully, how to resist the cold winter it. This time someone will ask "what kind of warm winter wear or fur and down jacket which one is more popular?" For this problem, Xiaobian also do not know how to answer. However, Xiaobian suggest that you walk into the pattern store to observe some wetlands. In the pattern of women's boutique, not only fur, but also down jacket. Here, you will be the answer for you.

图案 - HQ Pattein

Into the pattern of women's boutique, you will find a lot of winter new. Now let's look at the first winter coat: fur jacket. Luxury, noble, elegant fur jacket, looks very much on the grade. White fur, embedding little black above. Black and white on the touch, the spark of fashion will be more intense. For this section of fur, Xiaobian given advice are: fur + black winter skirt + leggings + knee + clutch + clutch. Simple with, but can bring you not simple fashion oh.

深冬是穿皮草比较好还是羽绒服 皮草、羽绒服怎么搭配

If the fur does not feel suitable for themselves, in the pattern of women, there is such a down jacket. The year is approaching, the red is the most important thing. Thick fur collar, for the whole feather adds a lot of fashion, waist design, will make your waist curve more perfect. Zipper design, more comfortable. Vertical plug pocket more user-friendly design ... long section design, will be more warm Oh. This red feather, white and can take a single product to match. Color collision will be more stylish charm ......

If you like fur or down, may wish to go now to buy patterns women's boutique. If you are interested in the brand pattern, you can now leave a message for the brand. Brand companies will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time.

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