Orange with cotton padded winter how to match

Many people silly for the down jacket and padded can not tell, but today Xiaobian will introduce you to the cotton padded style, cotton padded and down jacket are more important autumn and winter wear, can be said that the indispensable style, With cotton padded clothes, orange and red so bright eyes are also very eye-catching, where boys and girls Tongdang children with padded style. Girls orange padded clothes, orange itself is more dazzling, but this orange cotton patch also stitching fluorescent green, fluorescent green is also a kind of eye-catching color, two kinds of dazzling colors spliced ​​together is absolutely full Charm, take within their own random, with dark or light-colored base shirt, sweaters, shirts are no problem. Orange boy with cotton, orange, this more want to orange, where children's wear orange cotton stitching white and dark green stitching three colors, take the high collar white sweater simple and very eye-catching, coupled with leisure Pants or jeans are significant comfort, where the pocket is to create children's unfettered children full of happy world, autumn and winter style is definitely not to be missed.

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