BAVADIA freedom of expression fashion Bailian Women

BAVADIA is one of the classic works of German clothing culture.

German clothing has always been to its noble taste and introverted fashionable dress show, the more you know about German culture, the more you will understand the meaning of "German quality." Rigorous is the German characteristics, and romantic, publicity, gorgeous French brand names and Italian brand names compared to the German clothing even in the T-stage is often demonstrated in strict spirit of reality, simple, simple, faded fake T Taiwan-type clothing can be completely worn to life; comfortable, classic style of the German brand long-established.


BAVADIA combines a rigorous and romantic style with the goal of becoming an international brand. Its unique design style and temperament can precisely interpret the women's understanding of fashion; can show the different charm of women on different occasions.

表达自由浪漫的时尚 BAVADIA百媛女装

BAVADIA brand expression is free, unbridled vitality, an optimistic attitude to life, which is a taste of life's mature mentality. We are primarily focused on mature people who are very active in the workplace or those who have achieved respectable social achievements. They are calm, positive, confident, independent and yet feminine, willing to make progress, like innovation.

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