Will be happy summer wear Benetton children's clothing

Benetton summer tide using exaggerated tactics, exquisite graffiti, stylish colors to create a trend of the T-shirt era. Or the big hero in mind, or favorite cartoon patterns, with them, this summer fun! Benetton children's clothing Benetton was founded in 1965, initially to produce hand-woven sweaters mainly after the introduction of casual wear, cosmetics, underwear, shoes, household goods and so on. Chief designer Juliana Benetton and more than 200 designers co-design, production. Fully reflect the values ​​of a new generation of young people, in the field of casual wear production, Esprit in California with the United States go hand in hand. Benetton children wear Benetton clothing trying to transcend sex, social class and country and reflect a philosophy of life. Its casual design, full of fun, easy to wear cut, bright colors, bright, with a clear Mediterranean and South American style. Many design inspiration comes from Peru and other South American countries, nostalgia in modern clothing. Benetton children's wear high-tech production technology, creative design and excellent marketing Benetton became the world's fastest-growing garment manufacturers. This summer, Benetton portrays the favorite superheroes and famous cartoons of children as clothes for the children's exclusive collection.

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