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Founded in 2005, Guangzhou Beauty Poetry Lingerie Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale underwear brand franchising chain focusing on researching and developing and operating fashionable underwear. Its main products include bras, men's and women's underwear, home wear, socks, warm clothing, Body underwear, swimwear and other seven major products. The company has always been committed to fine management, to create sophisticated brands, through the year of direct marketing practice we already have a chain of replication capabilities to ensure that customers get stable in the short term, in the third-line mass consumer store in the actual effectiveness of a single store can be directly comparable to or even beyond Old brand.


Beauty poetry underwear with simple and elegant style set off charming charming design, and according to the current trend of providing different colors, patterns and styles to choose, according to domestic consumption survey, product positioning in the 15-40 year-old female, the mass consumer price These are the reasons why women love the brand.


Blossoming fragrant underwear is committed to spread the "enjoy life" fashion attitude, enjoy the fashion, enjoy the sexy, enjoy the lazy, enjoy the mood, the blossoming fragrant world, stylish and sexy, confident and self, lazy but taste, It's all about blossoming and fragrant women.

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