Embroidered silk pajamas sexy leopard harness v-collar style

Gorgeous silk pajamas are essential for every mature woman a single product. With a woman's dream of a single product must be good quality, comfortable and soft. Iraq beauty brand, whether it is underwear or pajamas, have adopted a natural health, environmentally friendly advanced fabric to create, is the favorite women's underwear brand . The two pajamas described below, modern fashion, sexy style.


Black silk pajamas, supple and cool, summer is accompanied by falling asleep to share. v collar style, set off a charming female breasts, color white, very attractive. Exquisite embroidery decoration, very delicate. Sling style, light and comfortable. Warm season, how could such a pajamas less it.

绣花真丝睡衣性感装  豹纹吊带v领款式

The same harness style, black v-neck decoration, the overall leopard decoration, a combination of wild and soft, a kind of indulgence and graceful collision, reminiscent of, really charm doubled. Slim style, make you comfortable to wear, sleep charming.

Picture from: Iraqi beauty underwear

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