QR code can be used for jewelry identification certificate security check

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Market Standardization Anti-Counterfeiting Service Center of the Municipal Standards Institute that the center initiated the QR-based jewelry identification certificate inquiry service on WeChat.

At present, jewellery and other valuable and difficult to distinguish quality goods, the identification certificate on the market is difficult to distinguish. The City Standards Institute pioneered the QR code identification certificate inquiry service on WeChat. Consumers who have already opened their own WeChat can use the free and fast anti-counterfeiting verification service after adding the certificate authentication institution account as a friend by using the WeChat client of the mobile phone or tablet. When using, by inputting the 20-digit security code on the WeChat certificate to the WeChat friend “Shenzhen Wei Anti-counterfeit” WeChat, you can immediately obtain the verification details, including whether the certificate is genuine, the number of inquiries and the jewelry corresponding to the certificate. Detailed parameters such as picture, material, color, weight and clarity of the jewelry.

In addition, relying on the micro-anti-counterfeiting integrated management system, the WeChat two-dimensional code authentication certificate can also be used to organically connect consumers, distributors and identification agencies. For example, if you buy a piece of jewelry, your friend wants to buy it after seeing it. She only needs to scan the QR code on the certificate of the jewelry product to get the name of the dealer and the jewelry appraisal agency. You can find this jewelry dealer with a certificate.

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