[JAOBOO Qiao silk boutique appreciation] LUXURIOUS FUR allows you to easily change the season no difficulty


The design of early 2014 single product is still quite outstanding natural, fur hot continuation of the hot in previous years. This season, the more straightforward profile of the outline of the lines and large profile out of color. Wear high-end luxury taste.

【JAOBOO乔帛精品鉴赏】LUXURIOUS FUR 让您轻松换季没难度

Will be full of color bearded hair with fine craft interspersed in the cotton on top of the above, bringing a bit hard and gentle sharp style, the line of direct version of the atmosphere, every detail reflects the elegant elegance of JAOBOO.

【JAOBOO乔帛精品鉴赏】LUXURIOUS FUR 让您轻松换季没难度

Shorter rabbit hair has become the darling of today's ladies, with snake leather cortex, noble sense of legislation legislation. In the lapel Department is the use of a longer fur, the length of the alternating modern sense of distribution from the inside out.

【JAOBOO乔帛精品鉴赏】LUXURIOUS FUR 让您轻松换季没难度

Fold elements are used in the fur is also do not have a taste, no extra decoration, just to large fur and simple style and outstanding. Pure and mild colors, simple and elegant design, all are warm to bring early autumn.

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