How to wear out the same style with different feel autumn and winter wear with more eye-catching

Although the choice of women 's clothing has many things to enumerate, it must be summed up, in fact, those styles: dress, skirts, tops, jackets, etc., are nothing more than problems of choice and collocation. Autumn and winter, how to make your dress even more eye-catching? Common style of women's wear with a distinctive surprise?


Skirt refers to a small suit + package hip dress with the same fabric, the same pattern or element, so that the uniform uniform sense of up and down, so this time we must take time to work from it. A bright yellow sweater, although it is a simple set of models, but eye-catching colors make you immediately bright up.

相同款式如何穿出不同感觉 秋冬装怎么搭配更抢眼

Even if the same style of small fragrance long jacket, as long as you a little heart can wear out a different feeling, just like this taro purple stitching black, brown, white and other stripes immediately showed a strong visual effect, Then with the white ride and silver skinny pants, cool feel there are wood?

Source: Mars po May 2014 autumn and winter models

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