Song Li Si together Hunan TV "where is the father," warmhearted sponsorship "love of painting" public welfare activities

On August 24, 2014, where "Where is Papa" Parent-Son Summer Camp jointly organized by Hunan Satellite TV and Mango V Fund? This issue of 15 left-behind children arrived in Shenzhen because the children's parents are here.

歌力思 - Ellassay

Before reunited with their parents, ELLASSAY preparations for the match full of love and warmth for the long-awaited surprise parents of children - "ELLASSAY love of painting" activities. T-shirts are hand-painted by the children, hand-written love words, hand-wrapped, and the love will be hand-delivered to parents on the occasion of reunion with their parents.

â–¼ love full of painted works


For a long time, GALAXY has been actively undertaking corporate social responsibility while doing good business and brand. Since 2013, after collaborating with Hunan TV and Mango V Fund's "Charm", it has always paid close attention to the living conditions of poor students And spiritual needs. Song Lixi "love of painting" public welfare activities, willing to use real and pure love, warm desire of the soul of the family.

â–¼ Concentrate on the painting scene


â–¼ happily describe the meaning of the work


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