How to wear a more healthy underwear? How should women choose their own underwear?

Intimate contact with the body is the key to health, wrong underwear wear will affect women's breasts sagging, deformation, and underwear every 3 months to be new. As a woman must take care of themselves, take good care of their own breasts. Here and Xiaobian together to see how women should choose their own underwear.


In the selection of underwear must be based on their physical condition to choose the fit underwear, and in the selection of underwear priority given to wide undergarments underwear, to try to feel whether it is too tight. Need to pay attention to the material, it is best to use soft fabrics as the preferred, best to go to bed every night when lingerie, so as to allow the chest to breathe.


Many women have extrathoracic conditions, it is due to do not like to wear underwear when young, teenage girls wear underwear too late, or used to tummy sleeping, sports habits and other reasons. This type of chest in the selection of underwear, to choose the cuff to raise the cover of the underwear, to prevent the production of milk in order to achieve the purpose of adjustment. You can also choose 3/4 cup concentrate care high effect, in addition to a steel ring brassiere can also be fixed in the cup of fat is not easy to expand.

Source: Beauty flower brand underwear

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