Women wearing men's clothing MAXTINA men's suit with style

Suits are not synonymous with men, women's suits popular in the fashion circle. Look at the appearance of the suit on the red carpet you should understand how to wear such a stylish fashion. Maybe you can not be like a Hollywood star that "vacuum" dressed in a suit jacket, but take a vest inside or stand-up sleeveless shirt, as full of fashion.


MAXTINA Martina Women

穿男人装的女人 MAXTINA男人装西装款式搭配

MAXTINA Martina Fall 2014 new autumn and winter series of natural, designers in particular use a bright yellow to break the dull mood of working people. Slim suit jacket, nine-sleeve design, full of energy but not rigid. Pants are more relaxed version of the model, reducing the constraints of sedentary office, but also secretly hides the extra meat.

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