Autumn and winter fashion trend coat popular style selection to seize opportunities

Hot summer With the rising autumn, farther and farther away from us, the girls also have ample room for their wardrobe to put new autumn and winter clothing, autumn and winter so beautiful wardrobe, bright-colored style is still popular, let Add a touch of color to your wardrobe.


Photo credit: Ka Choi Womenswear 2013 autumn and winter new

Autumn and winter style is not only to make the wardrobe to a new look, but also to completely change their chances, Rose coat style, round neck design enough three-dimensional, so that women wear more flavor, rose red, the color is not only Bright color it can also bring good luck to women even meet the beloved TA, rose white coat ride a white shirt, a purple body was purple skirt, such a match I think anyone will dump for you.

秋冬流行趋势 时尚大衣精选款式 抢占先机

Photo credit: Ka Choi Womenswear 2013 autumn and winter new

Geometric design from spring and summer has been extended to the fall and winter clothes, has been popular with geometric patterns coat design style, the more prominent three-dimensional sense of nude color with black geometric patterns, particularly conspicuous, long section of the woman looks very special Handsome, with a self-cultivation Leggings, autumn and winter when the figure to highlight slightly.

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