Xuhui Art Museum holds a jewellery and jade knowledge lecture hall

The Xuhui Art Museum and the Jichuntang Art Museum jointly hosted the “Baoyu Love-Jewelry and Jade Science Exhibition” from August 30th to September 15th.

Through the display of various jewels and jade from the natural state of origin to the whole process of classification, polishing, design and processing, popularize scientific knowledge, explore the cultural significance of jewelry, and enhance the audience's appreciation ability.

During the exhibition, jewellery and jade experts and appraisers will exchange and interact with the audience. On September 6th and September 13th, the jewellery and jade science popularization and free appraisal activities will be held at Xuhui Art Museum. Those who are interested can privately subscribe to Shanghai Xuhui Art Museum. Guan Wei obtained the identification appointment number.

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