Bloodstone color

How did the bloodstone come from? Since the color of the bloodstone is very similar to the color of the chicken blood, so the name is bloodstone, then it is divided into several colors? Today Xiaobian came to learn about this topic with everyone.

Bloodstone color

The background color of the bloodstone also has several colors: cement gray, black, frozen stone yellow, pink, several. Blood is also divided into blood circulation or dead blood. It is the specific feeling that looks like. Only Changhua's is called bloodstone, and Shoushan's non-production is not called bloodstone! ! ! According to different background colors, blood life and death, how much, the feeling of arrangement, whether there are fake blood on the surface, size, etc., the price difference is relatively large, from RMB several hundred yuan / block to RMB several million yuan / block There are!

In the current situation where the composition and content of the bloodstone minerals (including other impurity elements) have not been systematically determined, people usually roughly divide the blood color into several levels of bright red, red, purple, and reddish. The causes of different blood colors may be related to the type, amount or crystal structure of the elements mixed in the cinnabar minerals.

Fresh red blood, commonly known as "carmine", its color gives people the beauty of bright and dripping, is the most valuable blood color variety in "chicken blood".

The red blood is a superior blood species, and the radiance is slightly inferior to the bright red. It is the most common blood type.

Purple red blood, commonly known as "pig blood red", also known as dark red. The degree of "purple" is different. The fresh purple genus is in the middle and upper blood, and the dark purple genus is in the middle and lower blood. The cause of purple red is mainly due to the presence of more iron, manganese and titanium in the cinnabar.

Light red blood, thin blood, subordinate blood.

In the identification of blood color, it is often encountered in the same piece of rough or finished product with various levels of blood color. It depends on the level of blood color to determine its grade and value.

The introduction of the color of the bloodstone is so simple for everyone. It can be seen that the color of the bloodstone is also divided into many kinds, and everyone has to spend more time in the identification.

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