【Galaxy sky】 odbo colors gentle and graceful

Behind the horizon, contains a harmonious autumn, tolerance and tolerance of the match, unique jumping and personality, while the original high-profile yellow, orange, green, rose red, appear to coexist harmoniously, with neat and simple profile perfect interpretation Modern urban women's dress tastes.

欧宝 - odbo

Fashion, painting, poetry, blending collisions will produce what spark? In terms of inspiration, designers are fascinated by the art, bright and saturated colors, rich and orderly patterns are fascinating to watch them, just as enjoy a vivid and unique paintings, distinctive retro style and elegant mood, with With a casual random mix, with casual comfort and wear, is its charm!

【星河·天际】odbo colours温柔曼妙

Colorful colors show the determination to lead the fashion, although not many accessories but everywhere, logo on the clothes to make the design more eye-catching, each style are clever use of the current international fashion color embellishment, changeable style to see Dizzying, revealing ingenuity details intentions.

【星河·天际】odbo colours温柔曼妙

Show the modern woman's indifferent, gentle and non-sexy alternative fashion approach. Autumn season to change the late summer season, with a darker dress with a popular bright colors to express fashion, stylish and easy to take a small black skirts is a good interpretation, with our unique cut, the details of the process of the coat, wear high Points, you must not be missed.

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