Day Bell underwear cat Lynx flagship store for the fourth anniversary of the cash prize waiting for you to come

Grateful you have four full years, the flagship store on the fourth anniversary of the Bell, in return for the dear beloved fans care, "11 out of travel costs I come" cash prize all-you-can-get!

思婕环球 - LaEIBELLE

日贝尔内衣天猫旗舰店四周年庆  现金大奖等你来拿

September 30, concerned about and forwarded on the Bell microblogging will have access to 100 calls, the flagship store during the event folded 1 fold over 100 yuan or 20 yuan, over 200 yuan by 40 yuan, not capped, full To reduce; single order over 200 yuan can get the million yuan jackpot and thousand yuan cash prize opportunity, fast action it.

Bracelet is one chain shape jewelry which worn on writ. At present, more and more designers pursue new ideas and fashion sense, so there are many different designs and styles of bracelet, such as Tassel Bracelet , Lace Bracelet , Plastic Bangle , silicone bangle, Noosa Snap Bracelet, Aluminum Bangle , Shamballa Bracelet, Leather Bracelet, Evil Eye Bracelet, Crystal Bracelet etc.
The bracelet can be worn everyday like as other jewelry, so we need to choose carefully. If we choose the size is small, the bracelet is hard to wear. If we choose the size is big, it will affect their aesthetic value. Thus, Generally bracelet worn on the wrist, the chain and the wrist to keep a finger gap is good.


Tassel Bracelet,Lace Bracelet, Plastic Bangle , Silicone Bracelet