What to do when there is fat on the back when wearing underwear?

MM when there are fat in the dressing problems? Dressed in the United States and the United States to the streets, but the back is fat, this will make your beauty greatly reduced Oh! Correct choice and wear underwear , from there no longer have the trouble of fat.


Impression of beauty underwear

Want to avoid fat on the back, the key is to bra bra later than to tighten armpits and back muscles, and now on the market countless kinds of functional underwear, widened to 4 than the U-shaped buckle U-shaped Back design will be able to smooth the fat, to solve the problem of fat.


Impression of beauty underwear

In the cup, you can choose full cup or 3/4 cup type, the side of their design has a perfect bearing power and coverage, can be effectively back to the armpit fat around the cup, full bust curve At the same time can beautify the back curve, serve two purposes.

Triangle Bra Set

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